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We can give you a bunch of reasons why you`ll enjoy your stay with us, some of them are comfortable accommodation, gorgeous surroundings and the nearby beach.

Waste no time, visit us as soon as you can!

Feel at home

Feel like you`re at home

Discover why our guests feel like they`re at home, and why they always happily come back to us!



We are surrounded by nature - experience unforgettable relaxation and unwind for the following working season!

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Sense the sea

One of the things you˙ll love the most is the scent of the pine forest mixed with the salty sea air. Sniff it yourself!

10 reasons why you`ll love your stay with us

  • Walk to the beach is just a few minutes long, due to the fact that your only 200 meters away from the sea
  • You can visit us quickly and comfortably because we have an airport that is only 2 kilometers away
  • You can enjoy long walks through the historical town center which is only 500 meters away
  • You can expect to be woken up in the morning by beautifull bird songs coming from greenery and trees surrounding the house
  • You have a unique opportunity to witness forest animals (roe deers and rabbits) just 10 meters from the house, timidly peeking through the trees
  • You can recreate by using our table tennis equipment which is always at your disposal, you can even play table tennis with us, if you wish
  • To make your sea vacation an unforgettable experience, we`ll provide you with a surf board so you can sail and surf with sea breeze in your hair
  • Tennis courts are just 50 meters away from the house, giving you a fantastic opportunity for recreation while breathing in the fresh sea air and enjoying the sea view
  • To satisfy your culinary needs, we have provided you with ability to use our portable or stone grill, and even our big grill we call “sač”, or “peka”, where you can prepare some really tasty and healthy dishes
  • Besides taking care of you, we`ll also be taking care of your car, by parking it safely in a private parking place that is in your line of sight at all times



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